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Do I really need to flush my power steering fluid?

All manufacturers are now recommending periodic fluid replacement for power steering, brake systems and automatic transmissions. This is for several reasons, but the main one is these systems are now far more complex and all have some degree of computer control for variable power steering, anti-lock brakes, traction controls and computer-controlled transmissions. These systems are far more sensitive to contaminated fluids and can be very expensive to repair if they break down, so regular fluid service is a money-saving idea in the long run.

The "Check engine" light is on, but my car runs fine. Do I still need it checked out?

The "Check engine" light is the vehicle's computer control system telling you it has a problem with one or more of its controlled or monitored systems. The cause may be as simple as a loose gas cap or much more complicated. We always recommend getting in as soon as you are able to avoid possible damage to expensive systems or controls.​

My brakes are almost new, but I feel a shaking when I stop. Why?

All components of today's vehicles are being made from lighter components for fuel economy reasons, and the brake system is no different. Proper service techniques and quality replacement parts must be used to return your brakes to Original Equipment (OE) specifications. Less-expensive components can result in noise, vibration and other braking problems. We only use the highest-quality, latest-technology parts and service procedures to provide the best-quality service to these all-important systems.​

Do cars still need a tune-up?

The short answer is yes, but tune-up work has changed a lot in recent years due to rapidly evolving technology and materials used on today's vehicles. Gasoline-powered cars and trucks still have spark plugs, but they last 2-4 times longer than they did in the past. More important is ensuring all the computer-controlled fuel, ignition and emission systems are functioning properly to obtain the most reliable and efficient vehicle operation. A tune-up today requires the use of computer-interface equipment and data interpretation, along with other parts like oxygen sensors to provide complete service.

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